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May 4, 2018
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Scorts aren’t just for tennis anymore!

Brindley Faile skateboarding in a Raes Wear skort


When I was in the age rage of 4-11 skorts made a regular appearance in my apparel. The reason was simple, my mom liked dressing me up cute but didn't want me flashing the whole neighborhood when I was digging for worms to bait or playing "adventure barbie." Then I guess I just phased out of skorts. They weren't really popular for awkward tweens who turned into wannabe-fashionable high schoolers. I didn't see anyone else wearing skorts at those ages either, unless they were a tennis player or a 40-50 year old mom.

Now in my late 20s I have rediscovered how amazing athletic skorts are and what I've been missing out on. It's true, I was quite the tomboy as a kid, and that hasn't changed much, now I just like looking cute while I do my tomboy things. Having held on to my middle school hobbies, I still enjoy skateboarding - or rather longboarding now that I have to pay for my own medical bills. I try to get out hiking as much as I can, backpacking, and have recently picked up the hobby of slacklining. Slacklining in particular is not very enjoyable in runner's shorts. The indoor panties bunch up and the leg holes become too tight if I need to bend down or sit on the line. I prefer wearing "booty shorts," those spandex super short shorts you see crossfitters and people who are much more in shape than me wearing because they allow for movement and flexibility... I just don't love how they start to roll up and look like I'm wearing bathing suit bottoms after a lot of movement. Thus, skorts! Seriously, I'm a fan. I can look as feminine and sassy as I please while hiking, skating, what have you without sacrificing my experience. PLUS my booty crack isn't out for the word to see.


These particular pair of skorts from Raes Wear have pockets. 360 degree pockets. I know, fancy. It's actually incredibly convenient. Where the pocket entrances sit on your waist, your phone can sit flush against either the front or back of your inner pelvic bone and doesn't rub against you when running or anything with high energy movement. I plugged my headphones in to slackline and it was so nice not to have a bulky band around my arm to carry my phone. I ran my headphones through my shirt and put my phone in the back pocket so I didn't have to deal with a bouncy wire and it was even better. Y'all I don't even make any profit if you decide to get some of these, I just genuinely need the world to know about their epicness. It's the little things to get excited about you know?


Let's break the stigma that only housewives and tennis players wear skorts and bring these functional handsfree skorts back into our closets. You bet you'll see me around town rocking me for the rest of the summer. I'm hoping to get a few more pairs once their are more patterns available. If you wanna check out ones similar to mine head to Raes Wear's website. Let me know if you're digging these skorts in the comments or patterns you'd like to see.
Cheers, Brindley

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