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December 12, 2017

Short Trench Coat Vibes

Beige short trench coat from Le Tote worn by Brindley Faile | Brindley Studio Blog


The "trench coat" came into existence in the 1850s in UK though there's an argument on whether it was a company called Aquascutum or Thomas Burberry who first invented it. Burberry who led the charge for creating an Army Officer's rain coat hence the "trench" coat gained fame for the garment which is now largely a fashion layer in addition to rain protection. This particular coat I am rocking is not waterproof so don't go jumping in puddles anytime soon. I really love this outfit for work or a casual date night, and if needed, I can easily add a scarf or peacoat for extra warmth. Links for items in my outfit can be found after the price, click "through ---".

Short Trench Coat - BB Dakota
$138 Retail | $83 through Le Tote

The trench coat is the star of the show for me. I went with a medium because the fit will work even if I need to wear thicker sweaters. The loose and billowing colors add dimension to an otherwise boring outfit. The coat itself is light and perfect for Fall weather. The sleeves extend to full length for colder days but the coat is designed to be worn open - the buttons do not have accommodating holes so you can't actually close the coat.
Ponte Leggings - SANCTUARY
$79 Retail | $60 through Le Tote

The leggings have fake front and back pockets which tricks you into thinking I have pants on *wiggles eyebrows.* I still prefer to cover my butt and front because the leggings are indeed tight but a long sweater does the trick, my sweater is a TJ Maxx find - no idea what brand. This berry/burgundy/purple color is gaining popularity and for good reason, it's easy to pair other items with it and break away from your basic black leggings. I find it looks great with beige of course but also olive green, navy blue, and denim to name a few. If you check out my Instagram story today I show a different outfit choice with denim in the mix.
Taupe Deia Booties - TOMS
$99 Retail | $69 through DSW

I weathered the storm of Black Friday shopping and found these at DSW. They really go with any and everything and look cute paired with high ankle wool socks over leggings. For work I like to wear them under skinny or boot cut jeans and dark colored pants. The light color keeps me from wearing them to outdoor events but they are perfect for indoor settings and dry weather days.
If you would like to try out a FREE box of Le Tote follow the link to receive a box of clothes and accessories to wear for up to 14 days before returning. You can opt to buy a piece if you like but if you want to return everything, no worries! If you'd like to try out an entire month use code "BRINDLEY" for 50% off your first month's subscription and get as many boxes as you would like! I use Le Tote to keep my work wardrobe fresh and never have to do laundry. It's not for everyone but I personally love it. Might as well check it out if you're interested!

Like the outfit or have your own styling tricks? Share them with me the comments below!
Cheers, Brindley


  1. Tubby says:

    Looking marvelous as always!

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