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Brindley with purple hair


The first time I dyed my hair purple was in April of 2015 for my 24th birthday. I loved it, I felt fierce, and well, it's my favorite color. Wanting to return to purple, now 28, I decided to opt for a light lavender (hair color: Arctic Fox "Periwinkle") that will fade to silver over time and require less maintenance. The thing about purple hair color in particular is it does not stick around for long. Even with bleached balayage for the dye to cling to, purple will only stay for about a week and a half in my hair. Fortunately I love an ashy silvery blonde so that's why I went for a lavender balayage. If you've been thinking about getting adventurous with your hair color, here are a few tips to help you take the leap!


If you work in an office like myself or are in a career with certain professional expectations and attire, please know that your self and hair maintenance will take a little more effort if you want to rock non natural hair colors. To be blunt, you will need to work a littler harder to be respected in certain scenarios because we are a visual culture. You will need to upkeep your color more than someone who can let it fade to a muddied state in between colorings. Bright emerald will fade to chlorine green, oranges and reds will fade to yellowy sponge colors, and purple will fade silver or pinkish depending on its undertones. Make sure to order extras of the color your stylist used so you can color it yourself and put some in your conditioner. Like I said with purple, this is an every other week chore but other colors may vary as well as how much sun exposure your hair gets. After a weekend at an outdoor festival my hair had already faded significantly.

It's important to style your attire professionally as well. I actually found I had no trouble with certain clothing colors and didn't feel I needed to match or compliment my hair at all. Waking up and putting my hair into a messy bun felt a little more noticeable with purple hair though so I now take time to either style or blow dry my hair so it looks presentable during the work week. As your color is fading, just remember, curls hide a lot of bad transitioning color and if you have a curling wand and dry shampoo you can ride that curly boat for at least 3 days.

Know yourself and the time you're willing to spend on your looks. If you're like me and barely maintain your hair at all and wear makeup when you wake up early enough or put it on half way through the work day, know that those habits will not change just because you changed your hairstyle. I specifically chose to balayage my hair because I can go 5-6 months between colorings before it looks wacky. When I dyed my hair purple the first time I bleached my entire head and then had dark roots after 3 weeks that annoyed me so much, and I'm a natural blonde! The hair color only sticks to the bleached parts so coloring my hair at home is really easy to do. Know what you're willing to do AND PAY for maintenance and choose a hairstyle that you can realistically and fiscally keep up with. My hair costs $190 + tip for a cut, balayage and color every 6 months. I keep my hair long because it's easy to maintain. I typically shower in the evenings and only use cold water to wash my hair to preserve color, only washing it twice a week. I force myself to blow dry my hair even though I don't want to because I know I won't take the time to fix my lumpy hair in the morning. And I use dry shampoo religiously. If your morning routine starts getting more and more rushed, try laying out an outfit the night before.


With unnaturally colored hair, you need to be prepared to be seen. I noticed a lot more strangers looking at me, double taking, or staring an extra second longer than is normal. That's natural! You have purple hair for goodness sake of course people are going to check it out, it's not something they see normally in their every day routines. I promise you'll get used to it, but it is weird for a few days noticing people noticing you.


What colors are you thinking about trying or have you already tried? Let me know in the comments!


How to be professional with fashion colored hair. If you’ve been thinking about getting adventurous with your hair color, here are a few tips to help you take the leap!

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