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My Sister Designed a Neutral Nursery I Want to Live In



Listen here, I am childless, I repeat, this is my SISTER'S amazing nursery and talent that I am highlighting, not my own. Harrison Charles Vroon is her third lil babe and she designed his room around bare wood and autumn colors. Not only did she birth her second child, Wilkes, on the side of the highway while trying to get to the hospital, two years later Alex went on to birth Harrison (named after my late padre Harrison Randolph "Randy" Faile) in her own bedroom! She's done it all friends.

While I had the pleasure of staying with Alex and Charlie post baby birthing to watch their energetic and loveable toddlers, ages 2 and 4, I also stayed in this lovely neutral nursery that doubles as their guest bedroom. Personally, I think there's nothing wrong with gender themes of pink and blues, Evelyn LOVES pink, but creating a more neutral environment could save on redecorating in the future or an evolvement of the space if it will become or currently doubles as an office/guest bedroom/etc. The details and textile touches in this room work for spaces will beyond nurseries. Alex certainly could have a future in interior decorating! Let's see what makes this nursery so great.


Having a neutral nursery doesn't mean you have to do all browns and beiges. Don't be afraid to add pops of color with fabrics, textiles, wood, and other materials. Mixing up the materials in the space is what will make it feel cozy and perfect for squishy baby snuggles. Alex went with orange for her accent color incorporating monochromatic hints of orange in different ways. There's dark brownish orange spots on the circle rug in the center of the room, an orange wooden tiger on the shelves, burnt orange rocks positioned like a carin, the decorative pillow in the crib, and my favorite: the DIY rope rainbow.
The furniture in the room is minimal for the small space with a linen chair, bare wood crib, hand me down dresser, and of course some essential oils (use member #3385846) to diffuse for a calming environment. Alex brought in a few off white macrame plant hangers to bring some plant life and vibrancy to the space. Plants are a wonderful addition to any space, especially if you can hang them from the ceiling to lift eyes up and make small spaces feel larger. Just make sure to pick out plants that fit the lighting in the room so they aren't dying all the time. Green foliage and shade vines are perfect for rooms that do not have south facing windows which provides the most light. I recommend Fiddle Leaf Fig, Snake Plant, Chinese Evergreen, or English Ivy.


Changing up the medium for your decorative touches can be anything from the furniture you select - wood, linen, metal, to pottery, frames, macrame, dream catchers and wall hangings. Be willing to try your hand at DIY crafts (some linked above) and you might create something that becomes an heirloom to decorate your grandkids rooms one day. There's plenty of different projects to explore like embroidery kits, wall canvases, plant pots, paint by number (if you have LOTS of free time), and simple sewing projects that you should be able to add your own touches relatively inexpensively. Pinterest and Youtube are your friends, here's my YouTube Project Playlist to give you some ideas.

Share your own crafty projects with me, I would love to see if you gave any of these a chance yourself! Tag me in your crafty pics on instagram @brindleyy. Let me know in the comments if you'd like to give these projects a try and if you'd like to see more craft related content on my blog!

Cheers, Brindley


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