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Review of Le Tote vs. Stitch Fix Subscription

Honest review of Le Tote vs Stitch Fix by Brindley Faile


It seems there are a million subscription boxes these days - craft boxes, socks, makeup, outdoor gear, etc and even more fashion/clothing subscriptions. After seeing so many Facebook ads for different clothing boxes last Fall (pretty sure once I clicked one of them Facebook targeted me for ALL clothing subscription ads) I decided to try out Le Tote and Stitch Fix in the same month, November. Admittedly, I didn't mean to order them both in the same month but Stitch Fix won't let you change your delivery if its less than 12 days before the date you set up. I ended up continuing my Le Tote subscription for 7 months. I have not been paid to promote or review these products, I just fell for the Facebook ad trap, real talk.

Set-Up Differences

Price Stitch Fix is technically $20/mo if you were to send everything back and Le Tote is $59-79/mo even if you send everything back. Le Tote presents themselves as a "clothing rental" service and Stitch Fix is more of a "In-Home Dressing Room." The clothes you receive from Le Tote have been worn by others and washed. Both services allow you to keep the clothes you receive for a discounted price (which I broke down the purchase price for each item below) and Stitch Fix allows you to apply the $20 "styling fee" towards your purchases. Le Tote had a special running for $19/mo for your first box so technically I got both for the same price.

Frequency Though both allow you to set your frequency of shipments, Stitch Fix is $20 per each box and Le Tote is $59-79 per month no matter how many boxes you go through. Realistically, you can only get about 2-3 Le Tote boxes in a month due to shipping taking about 5 days from returning to receiving a new box.

Quantity Le tote has 3 tiers of quantities to choose from: $59 = 3 clothing items + 2 accessories, $69 = 4 clothing items, $79 = 5 clothing items + 3 accessories. I went with the $59/mo option of 3 clothing items and 2 accessories because that's what the intro deal covered for $19. Stitch Fix sends you 5 items and I specified that I did not want any accessories - which is nice in my opinion because I definitely needed clothing over necklaces.

Update March 28, 2019: Le Tote's tiers are now as follows: One tote per month options - $69 = 5 clothing Items, $79 = 5 clothing Items + 3 accessories, $89 = 8 clothing items, $99 = 7 clothing items + 3 accessories, $109 = 10 clothing items, $119 = 10 clothing items + 5 accessories. Two totes per month options - $79 = 3 clothing Items + 2 accessories, $89 = 4 clothing items.

Le Tote Box

I received my first Le Tote box about 3 business days after I had submitted my final choices online in their web platform. Before submitting my tote I had swapped out every single item that had been picked for me by their automated stylist. I LOVE that feature especially since the first tier subscription only sends 3 items of clothing and 2 accessories, I wanted to make sure I at least thought I would like what I was being sent. I received exactly what I picked online. The welcome card informed me that if I kept everything in the box it would be $222 + tax as opposed to $276 retail = Savings of $54. Scroll over images for close ups.


Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is more of a "try-on at home" type of service with the intent that you will purchase the items you've been sent. Each of the 5 brand new items are offered at their regular retail price. You only receive a 25% discount if you purchase all 5 items. The $20 styling fee you paid upfront is applied towards any items you decide to keep. You send your stylist your Pinterest board and a short paragraph about your style and they select items to send you they think you'll like. You do get to say what colors you like and don't like and if you don't want dresses or pants, etc. All of the items you receive still have the tags attached to them so you can't wear them out to try them out. You have 3 days to decide what you want to keep and what you want to return. This is what I was sent.
Black Hoodie
Stitch Fix: $68

The softest athleisure hoody ever but way too pricey for me. I have tons of jackets and hoodies and had no reason to drop almost $70 on something intended to sweat in or wear and look like you intend to sweat in it (even if you don't).

Verdict: RETURN
Athletic Leggings
Stitch Fix: $38

These felt luxurious. Not like cheap athletic leggings that look frizzed at the seams after a few washes. The mesh peep is very in right now. 7 months later and they still look great after several hikes and walks.

Verdict: KEEP
Toms Booties
Stitch Fix: $109

I LOVED these booties. But when I got this box it was almost Winter in the mountains, so not very ideal for peep toes. I actually found these shoes on sale here for $68 and bookmarked it to purchase in the Spring (which I plan to do once the brown ones are back in stock) because I love them so much, super comfortable.

Verdict: RETURN
Green Cardigan
Stitch Fix: $74

This cardigan felt luxurious but I had a hard time finding anything to wear with it besides white or cream. It's certainly meant to be a statement piece but I'm not at a point in my life where I can afford such things, I stick to more weekly and monthly wear items.

Verdict: RETURN
Slit Knit Pullover
Stitch Fix: $50

I had high hopes for this one as I could see it being both casually or slightly dressed up but the angle I'm standing at in the photo is the only way it didn't loose my figure and make my body look like a fluffy rectangle.

Verdict: RETURN



Ultimately I decided to choose a Le Tote subscription because I liked the control of picking what is sent to you and the option to keep my work and weekend attire updated with fresh pieces. The cost of clothing per piece is about the same for each service if you want to purchase something; to me, Le Tote should be much cheaper since you are buying used clothing. Le Tote runs major sales around the holidays on their pre-worn clothing, just be ware if you haven't tried on an item in one of your totes, you may order the wrong size and they will not let you return it. Both allow you to rate the pieces you received so they can curate your style preferences better. In Le Tote's platform it will suggest a size for you based on the measurements you supplied but you can change the size if you think you need a larger or smaller size. Most of the items I've received in the past 7 months have fit. All of Stitch Fix's items fit. If you are looking to update your wardrobe and really loathe shopping, Stitch Fix would be a great kick start for you. If you're looking to keep your wardrobe fresh, on trend, and mix up a few of your work outfits, Le Tote would be best for you. Le Tote also has a monthly subscription for maternity clothes, which I would probably utilize if I was ever preggers. The reason I recently canceled my subscription after 7 months is I felt their shipping time in between boxes was taking too long and I'd rather suck it up and go shopping. Summer clothes are easier for me to find and less expensive than Fall and Winter items. I might re-subscribe in the Fall again this year. If you decide to sign up for either service or have questions or comments, please let me know down below!

Cheers, Brindley



  1. B says:

    This was really helpful. I’m trying to decide between the two right now. Thanks for all the info and your unbiased opinion!

  2. imdb says:

    Thanks! This was exactly what I was looking for. The funny (read awful, not haha) thing is that if I were to go shopping, I wouldn’t buy half the stuff they keep sending me. I’m way too cheap for one thing, and I can usually find things cheaper at Ross or Target. Also, the quality of most of the pieces weren’t worth what they charged. Most of the time I was sending my Stitchfix stuff back. I didn’t think of putting on there that you don’t want accessories, but I will remember this for the future. Thanks again for the great advice 😀

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