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October 21, 2019

30 Day Habit Challenge for 2020



A few days ago I found myself perusing my YouTube recommended videos and came across one titled "12 Habits That Changed My Life." Matt's concept in the video below is simple, instead of coming up with all these lofty year long resolutions and habits to form each year, spend each month committing to and trying out a single habit. He tries out cold showers one month, meditating every day for another, quitting sugar and so on. I realized after watching that I really love the idea of doing twelve 30 day habit experiments. The month time period makes them manageable and won't leave me feeling defeated by failure in March.


Here is how you do the 30 Day Habits Challenge; each month, you pick one habit you will do every day or if it's something like "workout 3 times per week" you do that for the month. Each month is a different and new habit. At the end of the year you've got a much better idea of which of the 12 habits improved your life and which ones didn't. The habit you choose for the month is your priority over all others, but ones you like, you may want to continue in future months.

At the end of each month you should set time aside to assess how effective the habit was, how you feel after 30 days, and what affects the habit had on you, your productivity, lifestyle, etc. You may find the results surprising. In Matt's video he expected waking up at 5am to make him more productive but it in fact at the end of the month he realized it had decreased his productivity and sleep. This is great and not a failure, this shows, not everything other people suggest and do will work for you and your personality/lifestyle. That's OK! At least you committed and tried it for yourself.

It's important to note that these habits do not stack on top of each other, so in December you will not be practicing 12 habits. It's one habit, per month. You also don't need to have every month planned right now in January. It's ok if you want to change them before you begin the next month. We are constantly changing as individuals so your goals and what challenges you can change too.
The important thing to remember is these can be changed, and if you aren't looking forward to one, change it! What seems like a fun and good idea now or productive habit may not be in 6 months from now. Controlling your environment helps too. For instance, in January I make sure all left over beers / wine are either hidden in my cabinets or donated to friends so there is no temptation or early forgetfulness of the habit. Let's say you decide you want to workout 3x a week, maybe put a big calender of the month somewhere visible that you see everyday where you can X off the days you complete the habit. Removing temptations and adding visual reminders help make a habit stick.

I will give monthly updates on how the previous month's habits went. I would love to hear what habits you plan to try in 2020 in the comments!

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