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An average adventurer with a full time job, Brindley is obsessed with outdoor adventure and small business marketing. On a chilly February day in 2017 she drove to Maggie Valley, NC from her then residence in Atlanta, GA to hear about a possible job opening with Haywood County's Tourism Development Authority, aka Visit NC Smokies. As she drove home she was offered the Digital Marketing Manager position despite not having known she was being interviewed. Two weeks later she moved her life to beautiful Western North Carolina and her career perspective positively changed as she was introduced to the greater world of tourism marketing and the small businesses that make up the tourism industry.

Quickly realizing that most small businesses, Visit NC Smokies included, do not have the staffing power, time or resources to fully manage marketing campaigns and social media strategies she wanted to find a way to help businesses market themselves effectively without wasting time. She created workshops, articles, and many chats over coffee to share her knowledge of marketing tips and tools to create an experience that sells itself to customers.

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When you spend any amount of time among tourism professionals you will find like minded individuals that love their industry because they actively participate in their industry in their free time. Traveling, vacationing, going on adventures, experiencing new things and exploring historic places is not only fun, it funds local economies. Brindley shares her travel experiences, craft projects, recipes and more in this blog to help you make the most of your free time. We all have to work to survive, so might as well make the most of the time we aren't working too!


That is how you say Brindley. Brindley grew up in Irmo, SC on Lake Murray and attended Clemson University as a Graphic Communications major. She has lived in SC, NC, VA, GA, and currently lives in Waynesville, NC with her catahoula / plott hound mix, Miss Monroe. She enjoys photography as a hobby, especially well lit interiors and sweeping mountainscapes. Her love of cheese is a notable quality and may be the only thing she consistently consumes on a daily basis.

Welcome to Brindley Studio


Your average adventurer with a full time job. I am not a professional fashion blogger, travel writer, or artist of any kind (unless you count paint by numbers) but I do immensely enjoy all of those things. I save up my vacation days, plan weekends around sunrises and give this life the best effort I can put forth. I live in Asheville, NC in the beautiful Smoky Mountains. I am the Digital Marketing Manager for Visit NC Smokies which is a full time, in-office position and I love my job. I basically promote Haywood County and these epic mountains to tourists far and wide.

I'm in my mid-20s, unmarried, and have a 6 year old sassy plott/catahoula mix pup. I often fall for Facebook ad gadgets and have been known to try a trendy diet or two. Music is a part of my soul and yet I have no musical talent of my own therefore I settle for live music, festivals, and listening to Jerad jam with his talented Bluegrass Band, Ol Dirty Bathtub.


You're the one that clicked it! But in all seriousness this blog is my effort to show that your average chick can give fashion, adventure, cooking, photography, and anything else you've got a curiosity for a try. I genuinely love writing when It's something I'm passionate about. I am not sponsored by anyone and the thoughts on this blog are 100% yours truly. We all have to work to survive, so might as well make the most of the time we aren't working too!

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