Skilled Lighting Engineers to Support You

Have you experienced delays because your supplier’s engineers were too busy to help you? At mySupplier we understand that most suppliers do not have adequate engineering resources to support their customers. Too often customers are required to wait in a long queue for engineering support. We are here to help augment your existing engineering team.

We understand that you are under tremendous pressure to deliver quality proposals in a timely manner to your customers. In fact, a quick turn-around time can be the difference between winning and losing that project. Our objective is to have resources available when you need them to ensure that you win that deal.

To provide this level of service to our customers, we have built an extensive engineering team of LC/LEED AP certified lighting designers, architects, and specification experts. With multiple technical teams across North America, South America, and Asia, we are uniquely positioned to provide rapid turn-around times for all your design needs.

Field Audit Services

Using a methodology that has been tested and proven in thousands of lighting retrofits and audits, our experienced retrofit team can travel onsite to support your needs. Audit information is loaded into a collaborative software infrastructure that integrates you into the process and makes it easier than ever to craft a professional retrofit proposal.

Specification & Photometrics

Need help creating a lighting design that matches your customer's unique needs? Our team can work with you to create a design and visualize it using the latest photometry software. Your customer can see your design come to life before the project starts!

Download Specifications & Photometrics Example

Value Engineering

You may have the perfect products and design, but are you getting the best prices? Our value-engineering team can research the products you plan to use and discover whether you are getting the best prices and value. In addition, they can recommend competitive products that can provide the same results for up to 50% less.

Download Value Engineering Example

Lighting Retrofit Proposals

Creating a lighting retrofit proposal tailored to your customer requires understanding the latest rebate and product offerings to ensure that you get the best possible return on the investment. Our team can perform detailed financial metrics and projections to craft a winning proposal. The proposal team can also work with you to understand how to best present your message to your customer, increasing your chances for a successful sale.

Download Lighting Retrofit Proposal Example

Operations & Logistic Support

Once your customer has accepted your proposal, the challenging task of ensuring products are in stock and delivered on time begins. Let our team handle your logistics and operations. The operations team make sure that the products are in stock, place the order, arrange the shipping and logistics, and ensure that your products are on location on time.

Not sure where to start?

Let our product analysis team analyze your current project - or your most
frequently used products - and suggest comparable products from reputable manufacturers
that can save you money.

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